Dominion Green Power Program

Reduced tariff for purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs). VEPGA has reached agreement with Virginia Power on Rider G-CM, which gives VEPGA members the option of purchasing RECs as part of their electricity purchases. During negotiations with Virginia Power concerning the 2011 contract, Virginia Power offered to reduce the current REC purchase price by 60% in exchange for having the flexibility to revise the purchase price (up or down) upon 2 months notice.   Previously, the price was set on a yearly basis, with the previous price set at $5/MWh.  Effective April 1, 2011, the price was reduced $2/MWh, subject to change on 2 months notice. Accessible through this notice are (1) a description of the REC Green Power Program, (2) a VEPGA Member Enrollment Form, and (3) the REC tariff, Rider G-CM. Rider G-CM is meant to provide more affordable RECs that still satisfy the requirements of nationally recognized green initiatives.