VEPGA signs new 4-year contract with Dominion Virginia Power - List of contract documents

Virginia offers a unique opportunity for local governments to negotiate their energy rates and the Virginia Energy Purchasing Governmental Association (VEPGA) permits local governments to take full advantage of this opportunity resulting in millions of dollars in annual savings for Virginia local governments and their taxpayers.

For more than two decades, the Virginia Municipal League (VML) and the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) jointly sponsored a steering committee (Steering Committee) to negotiate electric power rates and terms and conditions of service with Dominion Virginia Power. In response to deregulation legislation passed in 1999, the Steering Committee formally organized in 2002 as VEPGA, a joint powers association created pursuant to authority provided in the state code.

VEPGA plays an active role in negotiating electricity contracts on behalf of its members. VEPGA also keeps its members informed of energy developments in Virginia. In 2007, the General Assembly changed course and largely abandoned deregulation, replacing it with a unique form of reregulation. The next several years will be crucial in determining Virginia’s energy future as the full impact of re-regulation is felt and as increasing pressures are brought to bear for implementing energy conservation, efficiency, and use of green energy. This new environment presents both opportunities and risks for Virginia’s local governments and VEPGA strives to put its members in the best position to seize opportunities and minimize exposure to risks.

For more information or to join VEPGA, contact Michael Polychrones, Secretary/Treasurer at (804) 523-8530.